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Unlock the can't-do-without ingredient for Integrity!
2 day workshop:

4 keys to
loving yourself

immediate access
Identify the unconscious blocks so you can move past self-rejection and connect with a love for yourself that will grow your happiness big time.

Come work with Eva Beronius

Transformational teacher and mentor, founder of the praised transformational processes ‘Being Me’ and ‘Beyond the Mind’, co-founder of the Self Mastery Community and host of the Uncover YOU podcast. She works with clearing deep unconscious layers in the mind and with activating aliveness in you in an earth-shattering way.

You have seen what’s possible for other people. How they have stepped out of their suffering from anxiety, anger, insecurity, self-criticism and depression. But not just that. They seem to have reached a place where they feel so happy that they actually radiate it. They seem free, inspired, and knowing what they want.

This is what you want too.

When you’re doing transformational work and your old house of conditioning, unconscious beliefs and opinions are crumbling you might come to a point where you feel…lost.

What used to motivate you is not there anymore, nothing seems to pull your attention. So things seem a bit flat. There’s no stress to be anyone or get anywhere. You worked hard to dissolve the insecurities, protection mechanisms and fear that used to motivate, and you feel GOOD that they are not there.

But in their place is this…void. A hole that you don’t know what to fill with yet, or if you even should fill it with anything.

So even though you’re happy about not operating from fear anymore, and you feel a lot more at peace, you have a feeling that there’s MORE. 

And then there’s the challenge of knowing what you want from integrity when you haven’t practiced that before. What integrity sounds like and what inner voices to trust. Getting out of your head still seems to be a challenge as well. The old habit of trying to figure things out are still running and dropping into your body seems HARD.

What I’m pointing to is that there is a life AFTER taking apart beliefs. A life after changing and dissolving and being skeptical of your patterns. You have been pregnant with the idea of change, of conquering that mountain – you have been on the hero’s journey…

…and it’s time to decide if you want to keep living committed to the identity of the Warrior and the Hunter or start living and creating the life you want. A life from ease. With pleasure. Full of enjoyment.

If that sounds exactly like what you want, I’d like to tell you about an often misunderstood vitamin injection to your experience of life.

You’ve been used to relating to yourself from inside of your mind, from character to character. Many parts of your being have had a tremendous amount of negative attention directed onto them from your old program of beliefs.

Your body has been mistreated by programs in your mind. Your Victim has been beaten by the Judge. Your Hero has been kept on a tight schedule by the Perfectionist. And chances are your external life has also taken on a form reflecting that. Working hard, feeling stressed, pushing yourself, feeling mistreated in dysfunctional relationships, lack of boundaries…

It’s time to change that.

Everything in this world lives and thrives from love. Also your inner world. When you start taking responsibility for giving yourself the love you have longed for and start directing loving attention on to you… it’s like you start giving a plant that’s been standing in the closet water, sunlight, a bigger pot AND fertilizer.

Things start happening. Cells in your body and your soul start feeling alive again. You’re loving yourself into life. 

I experienced this – to my surprise! – on my own journey, and when I started teaching it to others and see them having the same jaw-dropping shift in their experience of life and themselves I knew I was onto something.

This is how Tami, who went through one of my programs, describes it:

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How do I know if I'm in the right place?

At this point, you might be wondering if you’re at the “right” place on the journey to consider this. How would you know if you’re lacking self-love? Well, for some of us it’s pretty obvious. But for others, it can be more subtle and so normalized that it’s hard to tell.

I’ve made it easy for you. Have a look at this list and see if any of these apply to you. It will help you determine if you’re having any of the symptoms that a lack of love for yourself comes with.

  • Lack of energy and excitement
  • Lacking boundaries and allowing harmful behavior from ourselves and others
  • Loud self-criticism
  • Insecurity
  • Feeling disconnected from other people and life
  • Lack of meaning and joy
  • Motivated by the fear of not being successful/good-looking/fitting in.
  • Gossipping and needing others to agree with your opinions
  • Running after new projects and accomplishments to keep busy
  • Overworking
  • Pushing and criticizing your body
  • Stuck in addictive behavior

So if you have:

  1. Done self-awareness work
  2. Taken apart some old patterns
  3. A longing to get to know the YOU underneath the conditioning
  4. AND recognize one symptom (or five) in the list above…


Then now is the PERFECT time to start focusing on loving yourself.

"I don't think I can get there..."

Good news: you’re already there!

It’s your natural state. You have just put some stuff in the way of it.
Our whole belief system is usually built from the idea that we are NOT enough. That love is conditioned. That there is something we need to do or accomplish to earn love, appreciation, and admiration.

So the idea of simply being loved for just being you…is probably very foreign to the mind.

The voices in your head tell you it’s hard work and that you never will be able to get there, but it’s, simply put a lie.
These voices are trying to protect you from something they think might turn into a painful experience of failure. (Using some really unhelpful strategies…)

What you probably don’t know is that it’s actually more work to keep the program you have IN PLACE and stay disconnected from your natural state.
It’s like keeping the door shut for mother nature and the universe and make sure they don’t burst on in. Exhausting!

Loving yourself is like coming home. You're aligning with a force greater than you. Directing that force towards yourself and places that has been in lack of it will change your experience at the core. Life will never be the same.


4 keys to loving yourself

There are many ways to sink through the layers of conditioning and arrive at the place of self-love – and nourish living from this state. Are these THE ONLY way to get to self-love? God no. But they are damn effective ones and what I teach my clients to do with great results. 

During this workshop I’ll guide you through understanding the four keys. But there’s more. (This ain’t called a workshop for nothin!) Bring your journal or a notepad because we will work on identifying what has been – and is – blocking you from experiencing love for yourself. You’ll leave having way more clarity, and if you’re willing – feeling a few pounds lighter from having cleared old beliefs.

The workshop is recorded, you access it right away when you sign up and watch it in your own time.

In this workshop I'll guide you in:

So that you can:

What you get when signing up


2-day workshop: $87

Questions people ask

The workshop is a recording of a powerful live workshop earlier this year. So no appointment to fit into your schedule. Watch the two sessions when it works best for you!

Self-love is a bit of a washed-out concept.
“Yeah, yeah, I know what she’s gonna say. Love yourself! Be nice to yourself! Blah blah.”

The term is used left and right by the spiritual, self-help and mindset community and it’s difficult to know what it truly means. Especially from inside the reality of a self-criticizing and defensive/offensive mind program.

(If your program is anything like my old program of protection it might sound something like: “I don’t need no frickin SELF-LOVE. I’m fine thanks. And PS, it sounds lame and for weaklings.”) 

For some, self-love has gotten connected with selfishness and feels like a big taboo to break. “Should I put myself before others?? People will see me as selfish!”

And for others, it seems so painfully far from how we experience our internal dynamic that we avoid thinking about it.

Simply because it f*ing hurts touching the painful wound of how we feel about ourselves and our bodies.

Then there are some of us who have covered any painful emotions, put on a brave mask, and declared “I LOVE myself. Standing up for myself is SEXY.”
And that’s all good. If it truly FEELS that way deep inside.
But if we’re just trying to fit into a new expectation of who we should be, without being honest about what we really feel…
Then we’re stuck in a new prison with a shinier wrapping.

Whatever your association with the term, I dare guess that the idea your mind has of self-love is nowhere close to the actual experience of it.

Simply because you haven’t yet experienced the power of it and the earth-shattering effect it will have on your inner world. No matter what you call it, the direct experience of it will change you deeply.

Yes! When you register you get access to a private group in our community (not Facebook) where you can share your insights or ask me and other members questions.

No. You can observe and keep your camera off, or engage as much as you feel comfortable with. I’ll ask you to respond in the chat at times, but you can also write down the answers to those prompts to yourself in a journal. You’re doing this work for you and not for anyone else.

Well, are you experiencing it right now? Would you want to experience it? And do you think that you’d get there faster if you had someone guiding you past the common unconscious blocks? Or would you rather keep doing what you’ve been doing and feel more of the same?

If the answer to question number 2 and 3 is yes, and a no to number 1 and 4, this is your workshop. Because what got you to where you are today won’t get you to where you want to go. You need a new perspective and new skills. It might feel strange and new. That’s good. It means it’s outside your old box.

I work a lot with something I call activating practices. I’m pointing you to a place inside of you that you might not have gotten to on your own. It’ was slumbering inside you, but needed a prompt to come alive.

Only $87 for 5 hours of powerful teachings, practices and discussions. This is a lot of value and an easy way to access some of my teachings.

Indefinitely. They won’t disappear after you’ve watched them. You can re-visit and deepen your experience many times. 


A personal note

I spent the first part of my life with my big passion for dance and choreography. Later I went on to career climbing in digital marketing. I was ambitious, hard-working and didn’t back down from a challenge. But underneath were a lot of unresolved emotions and patterns that made me feel miserable.

I came across the Self Mastery work in 2015 after therapy, stress management groups and CBT that helped me manage my symptoms some but never gave me the full picture of what was going on. After shifting the beliefs causing the most of my suffering I was curious just how far this work could take me. I kept going and it has changed my life completely. From a state of depression, PTSD and panic attacks to joy, peace and excitement about life. 

One of the big pieces on my journey was the point after having cleared a big part of my belief system and feeling…lost. Not knowing who I was underneath the old conditioning and longing for a new way to navigate and create the life I wanted. This took me to new growth and expansion beyond my wildest dreams.

I want similar changes for you as I have experienced. This is why I invite you to this workshop where I share how feeling love for yourself will shift you closer to integrity.



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