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The deeply activating power journey that puts you in touch with your integrity, power and turn-on.


May 29 – June 3, Stockholm Sweden

For the woman who's been stuck in her head and is ready to know herself underneath the conditioning, embody her true power, and fall in love with her unique expression.

The state of the woman of today is often one of productivity, accomplishments, and doing. If she’s been doing that long enough she might have encountered burnout, exhaustion, and a feeling of hopelessness.

She’s lost touch with her wantings and desires and is stuck in endless doing, as well as endless thought-loops. She feels drained of energy and aliveness.

Is, or has this been, you?

Whether you’re finding yourself in the above list right now, or are well along on a journey out of there, I see you. I know the internal struggles of changing an old conditioned pattern, as well as society’s expectations and the collective dream you’re up against.

I want you to know that something else is possible. And that something else is not about becoming a soft maiden in long flowery dresses (unless that’s your deep desire). No.

It’s about learning to operate this vehicle of a physical and energetic female body and turn it into your own unique expression of a woman. It’s about stepping out of the collective lies of pleasing and proving, and instead putting your own nourishment and pleasure first because you have realized it benefits ALL.

What if you’ve been doing it all wrong? What if radical self-care is in fact vital for sustained success in any area of your life? What if loving yourself is actually aligning with a divine consciousness? What if from there, you’ll be getting more important stuff done than ever before…?

What if there’s a woman in you, waiting for you to fall head-over-heels in love with her and shower her in pleasure, so you can have the most epic love story ever told? The one of your own becoming.

If this lit a spark in you – and maybe doubting is it really possible?? – then keep reading dear one.

From the online program BEING ME that have women say things like...

I cannot rave enough about this mastermind! It exceeded all my expectations and opened so many doors I didn't even know EXISTED. Who knew life could be this freaking amazing? THANK YOU a million times Eva!"
Tami HC
"No exaggeration, my entire life has changed. I have never been more excited to live than I am right now."
Rufaro R
"My experience in this course was incredibly wonderful. I was hesitant to sign up for it, with parts of me saying 'You will not fit in. You are too old and too shy.' But I never felt that way in the course. You provide such safety for and acceptance of others. You embody such wisdom in how to guide others into areas where they continue to long to be once they get even a little glimpse of. Your beautiful superpowers helped me move much further beyond what had so long been big limits, big barriers to pleasure and truly living to now seeing a new and happier way to be. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Martha H
"I became much more open to other people and discovered a genuine love for other humans and my own humanness. I feel like I can embrace all aspects of myself and all aspects of life. I'm much happier, confident and less anxious. And I dare to dream big!"
Audrey M
"I'm trusting that life does want the best for me and I have the internal compasses to navigate it in flow. I am able to receive and therefore I'm relaxed. I'm no longer trying to control everything. I was not a 'group project' person before this! Now I can participate fully in and benefit from a community."
"It’s given me a strong sense of direction and an embodied sense of boundaries well beyond my physical body. It’s taught me how to access an incredibly powerful internal compass I didn’t even know I had."
"I feel like I've waited for a course like this my entire life. I don't think I've ever been able to be so authentic and so vulnerable with a group of people. It's really refreshing. I feel free now. I felt trapped in a mental loop for a long time and it was fear based. It has no hold on me anymore, it's like stepping out of jail. It's amazing, and totally what I came for."
Carly B
"I'm speaking up in relationships and calling out what's not acceptable, and I am not putting faith into being unworthy or unlovable. That's kinda huge. I love waking up every day and asking 'Where am I finding pleasure today?' I have not given that one up. That one is gonna stay."
Lisa B
"Thank you thank you thank you, the knowledge and insights you've shared have actually changed my life. Honestly, dont know where I'd be if I hadn't discovered self mastery network! You're an inspiration and you have such a gift. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."
Georgie M
"Loving myself more than I ever thought I could. I'm finding pleasure in everyday things."
Geraldine G
"This course was the best thing ever! FINALLY someone's teaching to listen to ME! I feel so relieved to let go of all that heaviness and victim stories, of all the fear and doubt... I now can get wild and dream and make shit happen. This is the beginning of an epic turn-on journey!! I'm so excited about it and beyond grateful for this amazing course!! Every Pussy out there should know about all those incredible things Eva is teaching!"
"It's astonishing how much less hard on myself I am. I don't really have an angsty feeling of struggle anymore...that feeling of being frustrated that I'm not a different, better, more capable person."
Stephanie M
"Just thank you SO much, this was the best program I've ever been a part of."

... comes for the first time an in-person retreat experience.

6 days, 5 nights of releasing the old and discovering the turn-on, love and power already inside you. Of pleasure activation, ceremonies and sisterhood.

Living, being and feeling is your greatest art. You're already a masterpiece. Come discover it for yourself. The path to get there might not be what you expected...

Our Alchemical Journey

On a power journey, you’re able to uplevel in ways that might have taken you several years working through on your own. We will use ceremony, feeling, inventory, laughter, our attention, and every bit of awareness to move beyond the emotions and fears of limiting beliefs in the mind. Then we launch our consciousness deep into the wisdom of the divine feminine.


Getting out of your head and into the direct experience of yourself
Embodiment is the thread weaving the tapestry of our week together. You'll get to play and explore movement and feeling every morning in our movement sessions and get guided to embody suppressed emotions, deep relaxation and new aliveness. If you've found yourself taking in concepts and teachings, and have a history of escaping to your thinking mind, this will be big medicine. If embodiment already is a priority for you, you'll be guided deeper than you've ever been.

Shadow integration

Embracing what's been hidden in your underworld
Jung wrote: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” This is where you, like Persephone, journey into the underworld of your unconscious to find the lost selves, welcome them and meet their needs. As Queen of the underworld, there's nothing that can hold you back. You'll find that the darkness is black gold. You'll get guided into shadow integration processes in a regulated way, where your nervous system gets to lead the way.

Energy Activation

Fuel your energy body and get high on life force
This is where it gets seriously fucking fun. During our week, you'll feel new levels of bliss, gratitude, and love, as well as playing with activating the courtesan, your higher self, taboo personas, and other archetype energies that are available to step into. You'll get initiated with elemental energies and learn how to fuel your life force energy from fire, water, earth, and air, as well as embodying these energies. We'll do Pussy and Heart Activations, and strengthen the connection between the two.


Heal the sister wound and experience connection and support from other women
If you have felt cautious, like you're putting on a mask or being pulled into patterns you don't enjoy when being around other women - you're not alone. Most women that show up to Being Me say "I've never felt comfortable in groups of women." Thing is, we're the ones missing out on not having nurturing sisterhood, and we're the ones who can change it. You'll get guided to see and release old hurt and practice receiving and trusting the caring and fierce support of other women.

You’ll leave feeling deeply turned on by life. Trusting and ready to receive it all, whether it’s deep rest, vulnerable honesty, or leaping into your wildest dreams.

You’ll leave feeling pleasure from being in your body and a deepened connection to who you are and what you want.

You’ll leave with clarity on what you need and what path to follow moving forward, and with a new compass to navigate all life events.

You’ll leave with a new sense of wholeness, aliveness, and love for yourself.

All which will ripple out to how you relate to other people and the world itself. When you love yourself deeply, you can do the same for others. You are an expression of life, of divine consciousness, and celebrating you and your wantings is in devotion to life itself.

Caution… This might become your new way of operating and you might never want to go back…

Our days together

Room for processing, experiencing and major expansion, as well as deep rest, integration, and play. This is our approximate daily structure that will be filled with juiciness. If we feel it’s important to change the schedule so it serves us better, we will.

Sunday (arrival day)

2 pm Arrival and afternoon snack

4 pm Opening Session

6:30 pm Dinner

8 pm Opening Ceremony

Monday – Thursday

8:30 am Morning Movement and Embodiment

10:30 am Brunch

12 pm Teaching and processing

2 pm Afternoon snack

2-6 pm Integration and free time

6 pm Dinner

7-9 pm Evening Session / Ceremony

Friday (departure day)

9 am Closing Session

10:30 am Brunch

12 pm Departure

You’ll get all details on what to pack, how to get there and how to prepare for your retreat experience in the private group you’ll get access to when signing up. We’ll have a prep session over zoom around 3 weeks before the retreat.

Your guides

On this journey, you have experienced teachers leading the way back home to yourself. You, your unique journey and your felt experience, is at the center of this retreat. No one will force you into a new box. Your kinks, quirkiness, shame and embarrassments are equally celebrated with your strengths, beauty and wisdom. You’ll receive powerful activating practices to explore who you are underneath the old conditioning and step in to an iteration of yourself you feel deeply excited about. 

Eva Beronius

Transformational Teacher
Called a soul-doula and a power house. Eva has helped hundreds out of old limiting patterns and into an expansive experience of life. With high integrity she embodies what she teaches. She is the founder of Self Mastery and Beyond and the praised online programs Beyond the Mind and Being Me. She is the co-founder of the Self Mastery Community. You can hear her in the Uncover YOU podcast.

Cecilia Beronius

Assisting Teacher
Cecilia will be answering your questions about the practices and your process, and host a daily sharing session. As an Embodiment Coach, she is dedicated to connecting you with your body, your whole being and all your inner resources. If you want to add to your retreat experience, you can buy a personal coaching package with Cecilia.


We're looking at a few guests to come visit us duing the week and share their medicine. More info soon!

The venue:
Our own island

We have a whole island in the stunning Stockholm Archipelago to ourselves. Imagine morning movement session in the dojo, where we slide the doors fully open to feel the morning breeze and smell the ocean.

Meanwhile, our private chefs are preparing brunch in the White Villa. The buffet is full of nourishing choices and we enjoy our meals together on the veranda or the cozy dining room. In the afternoon between sessions, you can explore the island, take a cool dip and a sauna or go kayaking. Or curl the fuck up in your bed because you can’t remember when you last allowed yourself to do that.

The weather in the Archipelago in May/June can be anything from 25C/77F and down to 12C/54F. Bring layers and prepare for warm days as well as chillier ones. This close to the summer solstice it will be light until 10 pm and you get to enjoy a stunning sunset before bedtime.

Read more about our venue here

Getting here

You fly in to Stockholm, Sweden where the main airport is Arlanda Airport. If you have time, enjoy a few days in Stockholm before we start. 

On Sunday you take the 45 min bus ride to the ferry dock in Stavsnäs. Now you board the small ferry and enjoy a 20 min ride into the heart of the archipelago and our island Idöborg.

You sleep in a comfortable single- or double room where bathrooms are shared with 1-2 other rooms. If you haven’t chosen your own room mate you’ll be assigned one.

Double rooms

Single rooms

Reserve your spot

The Being Me Retreat  |  May 29 – June 3  |  Stockholm

Register before May 23

Claim your spot to an incredible journey into more you than you ever thought possible!



Not included

Available at an extra cost


Registration just closed and we've started packing. Reach out at if you should be there.

Ready to register?? Awesome, let’s GO!

1) If you’re not a member of the Self Mastery Community yet, use this link to set up an account first. Then come back here to sign up for the retreat below.

Your retreat spot

Double room: $1950

Get a lovely shared room. Stay with a friend or get assigned a roommate.

Single room: $2195

Get your own private space for silence and deep integration.

Combine with BEING ME online group program

Retreat + Being Me online September 2022 – April 2023

The all-inclusive package. For a powerful year of shedding your old program and stepping into turn-on, power and love. Save $500 on Being Me when combined with the retreat!

You can read more about Being Me here.

Double room: $303 monthly

Double room accommodation at the retreat PLUS a $500 discount for Being Me.

Single room: $324 monthly

Single room accommodation at the retreat PLUS a $500 discount for Being Me.

Reach out at if you’re in need of other payment options or would be helped by a different payment plan.

Refund Policy and Covid Safety

Because of the nature of this unique venue and their cancellation rules, your initial registration deposit can not be refunded. If you need to cancel 21 days or more before the retreat, you’ll get any payments you’ve made on top of the deposit back. If you cancel 21-8 days before you’ll get 50% on any payments on top of the deposit back. No refunds on cancellations within 7 days before the retreat.

We strongly suggest that you get travel insurance to cover your cost in case of illness or other situations that causes you not to be able to attend. Due to Covid, we recommend a test before arrival and of course that you stay home if you have any symptoms of illness. In the unlikely event of cancellation of the retreat due to Covid or other unforeseen events, we’ll do our best to refund as much of your payment as possible.

If you travel from a country outside of EU/EEA you might need to present proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test upon entry. These regulations might change before the retreat and we’ll keep you informed in our online group. Sweden lifted the ban on entry from EU/EEA countries on February 9, together with the removal of all former domestic restrictions, such as participant limits in public gatherings and events.

Common Questions

  1. If you feel excited when reading about it, but also a bit nervous and scared.
  2. If you’ve done some previous work with observing and changing your thoughts, emotions and behaviors and want to get to the YOU underneath the old conditioning. 
  3. If you feel motivated to take a big leap, get out of your head and embody, feel and expand your consciousness.

Answering yes to any of the above? Then you’re ready.
If your mind wants to complicate it more than that, it’s welcome to. But it really can be that simple.

PS. At the retreat, you’ll learn how to follow your inner compass instead of believing the fears in your mind.

Yes, this trip can be for you. You can be as private as you like. There are no requirements to share. You could spend the whole week in silence and do the process as a silent retreat. You are invited to be a part of every process, but not required.

We offer a process and respect how each individual wants to do it. 

What many of us discovered was that our past experience of groups gave us that “not belonging” feeling because the group didn’t know how to be kind and accepting. This often happens at a young age. When you find the right group that is willing to accept you, just as you are, then we can shake off the “not a group person” narrative. 

That risk is very small right now, but of course, with a global pandemic who could say for certain?

The pandemic restrictions in Sweden, along with most of the general advice, were removed on 9 February 2022.

The high vaccination coverage in combination with the Omicron variant that is causing fewer cases of serious illness has reduced the burden on the healthcare system, according to the Public Health Agency.

Certain advice and recommendations for risk groups are still in place. More details about restrictions and recommendations at

Such a good question. When we grow spiritually there’s often a phase when we become less selfish and instead focus on a greater good. This is of course beautiful… AND can come from the ego-mind.

You’ve taken on a new persona, a spiritual ego, of being selfless and spiritual so that you’ll get points, acknowledgment, get to heaven, or relief from guilt by doing “the good thing”. No one can tell you that you haven’t been altruistic, grateful and selfless.

What is lacking here is a deeper inner knowing that YOU are also part of that greater thing beyond you. You are an expression of it, and celebrating you and your wantings is in devotion to life itself.

There can be a fear that this leads to selfish, narcissistic behavior and that you’ll walk out on your family, abandon your responsibilities or something along those lines. At the source of this fear is a collective unconscious belief that we are somehow inherently bad and need to look out so that the bad doesn’t start seeping out.

In my experience, what happens when you remove the layers of conditioning, also the ones about guilt for caring for your needs or feeling responsible for what the rest of the world is feeling, is LOVE. When you care more greatly for YOU, you care more greatly for others. Loving you is part of loving something greater than you.

Are you going to keep believing in one of the biggest lies ever instilled in women, or will you do something rebellious and let life, turn-on, curiosity, spark, inspiration and love move through you?

You will get all the practical information in our online group once you’re registered. But here are the basics:

May 29 – June 3 2022

Arrival: If you are traveling from a very different time zone and are able to – arrive 2-3 days before the retreat starts to rest and shake some jetlag. This will help you get the most out of the retreat experience. If you’re arriving on the day of the retreat, try and land before 11 am to have enough time to make it out to our island at 2 pm. You’ll be able to arrive at the island at 2 pm at the earliest for a snack, and our opening session is at 4 pm.

Departure: The retreat will finish with brunch at 10:30 on Friday and we need to depart at 12 pm. If leaving with the big group, you’ll probably be able to catch an international flight at 5 pm. If you need to leave earlier on Friday and there are no regular ferries, you could get your own boat taxi to travel to the mainland. If possible, staying a few extra days to rest and integrate your experience might be the way to go.

You don’t have to share about your own process. You are allowed to be as private as you wish. It is entirely optional. 

We open up sharing opportunities during the day. Often someone’s realization or question helps another person with some issue they were wrestling with.  Most sharing happens in casual social times in between and at meals. 

We are very careful to steer away from what would look like group therapy sharing. That is not the path or processes we work with. You are always responsible for yourself and what you need.

The recording will be available after the call and you can do the practices there in your own time. If you have a question that you want to be answered, you can post that beforehand and we will answer it during the call.


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