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Being me

A Female Quest for connecting with what you truly want.

13 weeks of finding your power and learning the skills for creating a life you feel excited about.

I know you have been growing your self awareness, taking apart the unconscious beliefs that have been running your life and finding out what you are not. It has changed your life. You have touched on what you are. Felt the power inside, the potential. And there’s a longing to connect more with this true sense of yourself. To feel free, abundant. To have it all.

I’ve always felt the immense value of being part of and teaching mixed groups. Groups of people with different gender, age, background, nationality… Seeing that we’re all carrying similar wounds, with different expressions, breaks down so many of the false beliefs about separation, misunderstanding and loneliness. You could even say I’ve been somewhat of a passionate advocate of integrated groups.

Over the years however I’ve often gotten one question from women,
that I can’t recall being asked by a man:

How do I know what I want?

Followed by an explanation with something along the lines of:
How do I know when it’s truly me talking, the voice from my soul and heart and not a voice from my ego mind? How do I know to trust this voice? And how do I even get in touch with it?

Maybe men ask someone else about this. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe there’s a deeper longing to connect to intuition inside some women, a calling if you will. I’m going to focus on the question itself. Because when asked enough times I started to really inquire within about where this question was asked FROM, and how I had gone about finding the answer to it for myself.

I recognized the questions because they had been important to me on my journey. So important that I took leaps of faith, risked my comfortable known life to find the answers. I went travelling by myself, drove through the desert, retreated to silence, dated 15 men in one year, journaled, read books, went beyond the answers I was compelled to have a fulfilling understanding of: What do I want.

In this process, I found out a lot about what I DIDN’T want. This was the first step and an important one. What I didn’t want had been shut down by a protection mechanism formed during abuse and not learning to set boundaries. This was part of self restoration. I can’t know what I want if I don’t know what “I don’t want this” feels like.

And I found a wanting inside.
A deep forest spring covered in moss that started to sing as I was uncovering it.

I call it a divine expression. “What I want” is what is moving me forward, what makes me grow, what takes me on the next adventure.

But we have learned to question that authentic desire, to let our mind, override it, and make the decisions.
We have formed protection around it. And sometimes we have taken it way to seriously.

It’s time to take it back. To activate it. To connect with it.
It’s your power, your play, your engine, your reason why.
I want you to feel it alive inside of you, and I want you to learn to navigate by it.
Your turn on. Your heart. Your soul.
To trust it, to receive and to let it flow through you.

I have 20 spots waiting for 20 women ready to take on the next chapter of their life.
A three month mastermind in the art of

What you'll get....

  • Clear insights and practices on: turn on, trust, self-love, forgiveness, breathing and connecting with heart, play and power
  • Monthly themes and weekly practices
  • 10 Live Sessions over Zoom (20 hours total)
  • Community support and sharing in our own exclusive online group
  • The power of moving in a group setting with a shared intent
  • My answers to your questions and resistance showing up
  • My experience as well as a transmission from a bigger dream

Monthly Schedule

Every month we have three weeks of new practices and live sessions. The last week of the month is integration week with time to re-visit exercises and ask questions in the online community. 

Live Calls

Mondays at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern, 6pm Central Europe. 2 hours. Theory, practice and time for questions. First call on August 3rd. Sessions will be recorded and available to watch again.

If there’s a lot of interest from Australia and New Zeeland I’ll consider adding another call. Reach out to me and let me know!

What you're showing up with....

This is not a beginners course. It’s a Mastermind experience for women that has done Self Mastery Course 1 or 2, or similar self-awareness work. (Byron Katie, IFS or other substantial self-inquiry.)

  • You have the tool-set to step out of stories of the mind. You are probably being pulled there a lot of the time, but you have the skills to recognize, shift out and inquire.
  • You’re motivated to do the work and know that skills come from practice. You want the direct experience, not just the theory.
  • You see the value in learning from each other as a group (even if it might not be your usual way of doing things) and are willing to show up and share a bit (even if this is stepping out of an old pattern or two).
  • You’ve got around 1 hour most days of the week to dedicate to this work. You’re excited about the next step in creating the life you want.

The Flamenco dancer holds such power and move through an abundance of bold and rich expressions. She doesn’t waste her power, she feels it within and let it explode where it’s meaningful. She feels each moment and each movement. There is exquisite grace and fierce power at the same time. She does not shy away from any expression or emotion, they are hers to have, to conquer and to dissolve.

Passion. Grace. Flow. Playfulness.

Knowing her power.

When you know what you want, there’s no need to justify it or explain it. Wanting is enough. Wanting is the reason and turn on your compass.

Now you’ve stepped into the flow of life and you can create the life you want. Your expression matters. Your voice matters. You’re the only one who can use it.

Our own online community

No Facebook account needed. Forget losing track of this week’s practices in your mailbox.

Your practices and the recordings from our calls will be available in our own private group on the Self Mastery Community – both accessible through your browser or an app for Android and iPhone. Asking questions, sharing insights and connecting with other members is now super easy. RSVP to our next call and find the Zoom-link right there.

So we can focus on the fun stuff.

Join the quest for more YOU

Only 20  0 spots open


  • Three months with full focus on connecting you to your power and turn on
  • 10 Live Classes, 20 hours total, with recordings to download
  • Monthly Themes and Weekly Practices
  • Exclusive online group on the Self Mastery Community
  • Group support and answers to your questions
  • Access from your computer and app on your phone

This course is currently running. Get on the waitlist!

Common Questions

I didn’t use to be either, and the people who join my groups are often similar lone wolfs. I’ve learned that staying in that bubble can be great, but we are also missing out. It can become a safe house, and a prison after a while. Learning and sharing in a group setting will bring new possibilities for growth and for you to become aware of patterns in the way of the life you want for yourself. It’s okay to show up and feel shy or uncomfortable. A lot of the times we realize we are not the only ones feeling this way. You don’t have to share during the calls if you don’t want to, there is still a lot to take away from listening and do the practices. I think you already know if this is the next step on the journey for you… Simply ask yourself “Do I feel excited from the thought of joining?” And right there, you have already started practicing connecting to what you want for yourself. The mind might step in afterwards and say “But..” and “What if…”, but you already know the answer.

The first live session will be on August 3rd at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern and 6pm Central European. That’s when you will get the first practices and can get started right away.

Immediately on sign up you’ll get access to our private area in the Self Mastery Community and can start with some introduction practices.

Once every week for 2 hours. On Mondays at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern, 6pm Central European. In between you can post questions and sharings in the online group and go through the practices.

We meet for three weeks each month and then have one week off for integration and catch-up. We do this for three months and a total of 10 live sessions.

Great! Reach out to me on and I can let you know if I can set up more live sessions for your time zone.

  1. If you feel excited when reading about it, the practices and thinking about joining.
  2. If you’ve done some previous work with observing and changing your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  3. If you feel motivated to get the direct experience, not just theory.

Then jump right in my friend. 

Got more questions?

Send me an email at and I’ll be happy to answer anything I can.


A personal note

The Self Mastery work was what finally shifted my life after years of therapy, stress management, mindfulness and a feeling of hopelessness. I didn’t stop after I shifted some of my most uncomfortable beliefs but kept going and changed my internal world from a state of depression, PTSD and panic attacks to joy, peace and excitement about life. And a brain and heart in coherence.

I started combining the Self Mastery work with meditation, somatic experiencing and other practices which accelerated the progress. I learned how to create from intent and went on a personal quest to get in touch with what I wanted. I learned how to activate power through pleasure, and how everything I was taught about having to work hard to get what I want is a lie.

Since a few years back I’m teaching clients and groups to change their inner world, using the profound foundation of the Self Mastery work combined with everything I’ve gathered on my own journey, a big amount of research and passion and my experience from working with others.

I want similar changes for you as I have experienced. I want you to feel turned on about your life creation and what it feels to love yourself completely and align with life. I can’t wait to guide you through some of the most powerful activations I’ve practiced and fine-tuned.

/Eva Beronius


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