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for the first time:


The embodied art of healing your emotional wounds, shift your automated reactions and break free from conditioning

4-week online program | the foundation of the embodied self mastery work

Do you long for peace where there are loud reactions?

To thrive in life and your relationships, instead of being pulled back into the past over and over again?

Have you done inner work but lack clarity on what to actually do, and end up spending more time researching and looking for guidance, rather than actually doing the work?

Then you’re in a very potent place. Here’s why.

Chances are that you started doing your inner work from your mind. 

You – and the vast majority of humanity – are so used to being identified with the mind that you’ve never learned to relate to it from a different sense of self. You see and experience the world and yourself through the mind’s filter of meaning and assumptions.

You see an image, a projection of the world, and believe this IS the world.

The mind looks for dangers and problems in order to keep you safe. It’s busy creating a desirable identity, a sense of I, that will ensure your spot in the tribe and being loved and accepted.

As a solution, your mind protects you from painful experiences and undesirable outcomes by pushing any unwanted aspects of yourself into your unconscious.

This identification with the mind, and the problem-seeking program running your mind, affects your inner work.

When you turn your attention towards your inner world, you’re seeing your reactions, emotions and needs through the same mind filter. 

When the mind is in charge of healing emotional wounds…
…it will look for problems and try to fix you.

It believes there’s something wrong with you for reacting or feeling the way you do. That you’ll never be loved, successful, or happy unless you fix this.

In other words, it’s trying to heal you from the place of rejection that created the wound in the first place.

This is exactly what has kept you from truly healing your wounds, being free from past reactions, and becoming the alchemist of your inner world.

Until now.

Imagine knowing exactly how to heal your core wounds and shift anxiety, insecurity or any other pattern at the root.

For the past ten years, I’ve been committed to shedding layers of conditioning and reconnecting with our authentic selves

That process led me face-to-face with pain I’d tried to avoid my whole life. And it led me to the realization that true shifts happen not by getting rid of but by meeting pain and fear with love. By alchemization.

My work alchemizes what was put on top of your true sense of self, out of fear and protection.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a trillion expressions of you that you freely move between. The problem is when you’re trapped in an automated response with no choice. When you live in the past and are unable to be in the present. When you’ve lost touch with your being, soul, and heart.

I too started doing the work from my head, rejected parts of myself that I thought needed fixing, and was disconnected from my body and emotions. Growing awareness and understanding of what was going on in my inner world took me a long way, but at a certain point, I hit a ceiling.

My deepest-rooted nervous system reactions like freeze, and feeling unsupported and alone, were still there. My willingness to fumble and try new things led me to find out where I had been getting stuck.

For the first time, I’m ready to share the foundation of the Embodied Self Mastery™ work with you. The pillars of alchemizing any reaction, wound, or inner pattern, that took me from numbness to aliveness, and that I take my clients through. 


Instead of being the victim to circumstances, the hand you were given and the story that “it’s not possible for me”…

Imagine truly stepping into your inner alchemist, shifting old reactions, and deeply loving your human experience

4-week online program | starting Sept 3
the foundation of the embodied self mastery work


Just like the alchemists were dedicated to actual transformation, not just theory, you’ll be guided in doing the alchemical work. Take your inner work from an idea into an embodied practice. Explore, fumble, meet with any resistance, and grow from the obstacles. All fiercely supported by me and the community of fellow alchemists.

A rare opportunity to shift deep-rooted patterns and learn how to turn pain into love. We start on September 3rd.

you’ll get

Freedom from anxiety, anger, hopelessness, unworthiness, or any other pattern, and skills you can enjoy for a lifetime, as the alchemist of your inner world.

The embodied self mastery pillars:


Live session schedule

Weekly teaching sessions
Sunday September 3, 10, 17, 24
at 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern | 7pm Central Europe

Weekly QA/coaching sessions
Wednesday September 6, 13, 20, 27
at 6am Pacific | 9am Eastern | 3pm Central Europe

There will be recordings when you can’t make it live.

"Eva, it was more amazing than my mind could ever imagine. Like amazing! How I’ve been living my life makes so much more sense now. I don’t event know how to thank you!"
Başak U
"Emotions that I’ve long judged for having, or thought I would die from feeling, were met with love, and acceptance. I was able to move them through my body and release. This has been such a gift."
Lauren B
"I can relax with myself now and feel doors opening inside in ways I can't really explain. 💗🙏"
Christina SL

reserve your spot in


You can get it as a standalone program or join my 7-month program ‘BEING ME’, where ‘Alchemy’ is included.

Pick your option:

👉 Get ALCHEMY as a standalone program

If you later decide to join this year’s round of Being Me, you get a refund on your investment in Alchemy.

👉 Register for BEING ME and get ALCHEMY

 You’ll take apart the mind’s idea of who you are in Alchemy, before you re-connect with your authentic self, desires and aliveness in Being Me. The perfect combo!

A don't miss if you...

"This was amazing! You are incredible! I am extremely grateful for your detail in sharing your experience, your knowledge & the resources you provide us with."
Christie J

Common Questions

Weekly teaching sessions
Sunday September 3, 10, 17, 24
at 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern | 7pm Central Europe

Weekly QA/coaching sessions
Wednesday September 6, 13, 20, 27
at 6am Pacific | 9am Eastern | 3pm Central Europe

There will be recordings when you can’t make it live.

Yes. Alchemy will be open to sign up for as a self-study course so I’m creating it with that in mind. There will be practices you do on your own, lesson videos PLUS the recordings from the live session for deeper understanding and support. I’m also around in the community to answer questions and guide you past where you’ve gotten stuck before.

So you could wait and get it later as well, but if you want it with the opening discount – register before Monday and move through it in your own time.

Even if there’s definitely an added dimension to being there live, the benefit of watching the recordings FAR surpasses not doing the program at all…

Alchemy is a great place to start. If after Alchemy you realize that you want to grow your skill to hold space for yourself from the state of consciousness, continue with Beyond the Mind. If you want to get to know your authentic self, what you want, and to fall in love with your human experience and unique expression, continue with Being Me.

And even if you’ve done a lot of inner work since before, I can guarantee that Alchemy will take you deeper than you’ve been before. Even into that most persistent pattern or wound your mind is telling you will never go away. What I’m sharing with you, is what has allowed me to shift freeze, disorganized attachment, deep-rooted loneliness and so much more.

It’s the art of taking apart your old house. Which is an important skill for the alchemist, or the artist. Then you can learn how to build a new house.

You need 2 hours per week to digest material/live sessions and 15-30 min on most days for focused practice. Other than that you’ll be able to practice throughout your day. These practices are about meeting with what’s here, in your life, not about going into the monastery and turn away from everyday life. The practices are adapted to be with you in your life.

It’s suitable for all levels but is going to require some basic knowledge in shifting your attention and un-identifying with your parts. If this is your first time trying things like that out – be patient with yourself.

If you’ve done a lot of work this might very well be the key that’s been missing to shift some of your more persistent patterns. This will deeply shift your perspective on how to “do” inner work.

The regular price is $444. You can also choose 6 monthly payments of $79 or 3 payments of $149.

Yes, you’ll keep it and will be able to attend potential future live rounds in the coming year.

No, you don’t have to do anything. I trust you to do what’s most supportive for you. In this workshop, you’ll mostly be practicing on your own, but you might be invited to join in conversations and sharing about your experience.

Remember, it WILL be uncomfortable to be open and honest in front of others in the beginning. This is a reflection of how you’ve been treated by others and how parts of yourself have been treated by you. Practicing something different is going to accelerate the change you’re longing for.

No, we’ll move through the foundation of the embodied self mastery work together. You’ll get new material each week, but before that you don’t have to do anything specific.

If you’re new to my work and want to get more familiar with it, the Uncover YOU podcast is full of insights and my perspective on inner work.

"I went for a walk in the park today after your class and I looked up to the sky. I saw the clouds passing by and was in utter amazement. All of those beliefs, emotions, bodily sensations and thoughts just floating by. Thank you for this gift!"
Cindy CW

Hi, I'm Eva

I started my own journey with Self Mastery work several years ago, after I’d tried different forms of therapy without getting the results I wanted. I soon started combining the Self Mastery work with meditation, somatic experiencing, and other practices which accelerated the progress and changed my life completely. From a state of depression, PTSD, and panic attacks – to joy, peace, excitement about life, and a brain in coherence.

Today, I’ve helped hundreds of clients to change their limiting beliefs, heal wounds and move past conditioning so they can live the life they want. I teach retreats and workshops around the world and lead online programs. I’m the founder of the online meditation course Beyond the Mind, the group program Being Me, and founder of the Embodied Self Mastery Community. You can hear me in the Uncover YOU podcast.


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